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Melissa + Rebecca. sisters and new moms.

Sisters, Melissa and Rebecca, shared everything growing up and when they found out they were pregnant at the same time, they were so excited to share the joys of motherhood together, too. Here is their story:

Sister Birth Story

sister birth story newborns togetherWe shared everything growing up: toys, clothes, bedroom, and later were housemates and still remain best friends. But when planning our babies, we didn’t purposely have due dates 5 days apart! We were so excited. We also both wanted to explore other birth options besides the typical hospital delivery. So together we toured Baby+Company and L-O-V-E-D the beautiful delivery rooms and calming, friendly attitude of the midwives and support staff. All through our prenatal care, we updated each other, and even had a group appointment together!

When D-day finally came for Rebecca at 40w+5, her delivery went so quickly and smoothly that Melissa didn’t even get a chance to get to Baby+Company before baby Ruth arrived! She had her desired water-birth, medication-free, and with a little extra care afterwards was sent home the same day.

sister birth storyAt 40w+10, it was time to get serious about bringing on labor for Melissa’s baby. After two membrane sweeps, Castor oil, and Suki’s blend with Black&blue cohosh, baby Fletcher was born rapidly in the tub medication-free, exactly how she wanted. And as a rare surprise, Fletcher was born “en caul (still inside the amniotic sac)!”

Bonding with our babies began immediately, breastfeeding is going well, and recovery has been rapid. What a wonderful thing to get to experience together! We sometimes feel like we are still little girls playing “dollies” together, only our dolls are real babies! It’s surreal!

Thank you midwives and staff of Baby+Company for two natural, smooth birth experiences. We’ll be back!

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