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Ruby's Birth Story

First-time mother Amy Henry and her husband, Dustin, weren’t on the same page about labor and delivery at first. Having read several blogs about home birth and after attending a friend’s midwife-assisted delivery, Amy firmly believed that birth is a natural process and wanted as little intervention as possible. Dustin was on the other end of the spectrum; he couldn’t stop thinking of all the things that could potentially go wrong.

Both agreed that a home birth wasn’t feasible financially, so they planned to go to a midwifery center about an hour away. When Amy’s friend told her that Baby+Company was opening up a birth center in Wheat Ridge just eight minutes from her house, she was thrilled. Learning that the insurance company would cover it and they wouldn’t have to pay anything out of pocket sealed the decision for the Henrys. Amy chatted with us about her labor and delivery at Baby+Company.

Good morning! Tell us about your newly expanded family!

rubys birth story amy new familyI’m a nurse at Veteran’s Hospital in Denver, and I work with all different kinds of veterans. My husband, Dustin, is a treasury analyst for a company that makes wheelchairs. He was raised in Denver, and I’ve lived here for eight years. We just celebrated our five year anniversary. Ruby Olivia Henry was born on November 23, 2015, and she’s our first child!

That’s great. What was the big day like? What were you doing when you realized you were going into labor?

We were actually watching The Walking Dead with a group of friends. I knew it was going to be soon, because when I had gone for a walk earlier I had had contractions that felt different from Braxton-Hicks. Our friends came over to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead, and one of them asked me why I was breathing so funny. We realized that something was definitely going on, and it slowly progressed throughout the evening.

Did you go into Baby+Company right away?

rubys birth story amy amber necklace babyNo – I called the midwife and she told me to rest, lie down, and try to eat. Around midnight the contractions were about five minutes apart. We waited until two in the morning, and then headed over to the birth center.

How did it go once you got there?

It was awesome. Erin had everything going. The essential oils were prepared, the music was set up, and she got the tub ready. It was a lot more peaceful and less frantic and chaotic than I expected it to be. My labor didn’t really kick into high gear until about six, but in the meanwhile I got in and out of the tub. Erin encouraged me to use the barre and walk around a bit, but sitting down or being on all fours felt best to me. My favorite thing about Erin was that she had such a good balance between leaving us alone so my husband could really support me, and being attentive enough that I felt safe and taken care of.

When the contractions became more intense, I got back into the tub and suddenly I was ready to push. I pushed for about fifteen minutes before Ruby was born! My husband was a little worried because my placenta released pretty quickly, but Erin was really good about calming him down and telling him everything was okay.

What happened after the birth?

rubys birth story amy baby jumperWe hadn’t found out the sex, but we were surprised to see that Ruby was a girl, with a full head of jet-black hair! My husband’s mom arrived and we got to all be together and hold Ruby and enjoy her for a few hours. One thing that I really appreciated was that I could leave to rest in my own environment after just a few hours. When my friend gave birth in the hospital, she was interrupted all the time. Nurses checked her vitals; the insurance people came in; food was delivered. With Ruby, the midwives made sure we were both okay and then I went home to rest where I felt most comfortable.

Benefits of Couplet Care

What stood out to you most about your birth center experience?

I wasn’t overly excited about taking the baby classes. I didn’t think I’d learn a lot from it, since I babysat so much when I was young. It was a huge surprise to learn about all the things I didn’t know. Each week we walked away with something new, and it was definitely worth our time. Plus, it was good to meet and get connected with people in our area who were going through the same thing at the same time. That’s probably one of the best things I experienced from Baby+Company.

Thanks, Amy! We’re so honored that you chose us for the birth of your beautiful daughter, Ruby!

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