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Leo's Birth Story

Baby+Company mom, Katie, shares her beautiful story of Leo’s birth and what brought her to our birth center in Wheat Ridge, CO.

As someone who fancies the natural/organic lifestyle, I have always been a firm believer in my body’s natural ability to give birth. So when it came time for my husband and I to decide on prenatal, labor and delivery care, we decided to explore an out-of-hospital birth – one that would give us the best chance to give birth without medications or interventions.

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We were so thankful to discover Baby+Company in Wheat Ridge. About 17 minutes from our Golden home (yes, we timed it), we were intrigued by the supportive and educational model from the start. Having only recently opened in the area a few months before, we were a little wary, but after doing our due diligence and meeting the staff, midwives and educators, we were hooked.

Ultimately, my delivery experience was a swift one. Midwives Susan and Erin as well as Nurse Jen were pros at calming our nerves, holding hands through contractions (looking back, I thought for sure I had broken Jen’s arm) and helping us stay as calm as we could. When I was 10 cm dilated and feeling the urge to push, I began to doubt myself and became increasingly scared. This great team, including the outstanding human I’m blessed to call my husband, encouraged, guided and soothed me through the most intense and awakening experience of my life. We welcomed our first child – a son, Leo – in the warm water and into the trustworthy and experienced hands at Baby+Company.

For me, the education we received prior to delivery, which focused on the birth process and what to expect was a big part of what made our experience so rich. We had great continuity of care with the same midwives and educators throughout my pregnancy so it began to feel like a home away from home during those long 10 months. We forged fun relationships with the other couples in our class – a couple of whom still get together to hang out and support each other even after the birth of our babes. I’ve also taken advantage of the postpartum support group and breastfeeding support group which have provided a fabulous environment to openly breastfeed, have some much needed out-of-the-house interaction with other mamas and challenge nurse/doula Jen with any and every question I can think of relating to breastfeeding and the growth of my newborn.

My son is 15 weeks old today and I can honestly say our prenatal, labor/delivery and postpartum experience at Baby+Company has been exceptional. We hope to have the opportunity to engage so deeply again someday with Baby #2!

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