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Liz. new mom.

Holden's Birth Story and Video

Liz and her husband welcomed their first baby, a little boy named Holden, into the world at our Charlotte, NC birth center. The family was gracious enough to share their story and amazing birth video with us.

What motivated you and your partner to seek out a birth center?

I always knew that I wanted to give birth at a birth center. There is something so beautiful to me about bringing another life into this world surrounded by strong women who are supporting you. Our bodies know what to do and I believe that the majority of us don’t need modern medical interventions. I wanted to honor my body and this process and I knew that a birth center birth would allow me to do that.

Tell us about your birth – what was your delivery journey like?

I really thought he would come around 41 weeks but he had other plans and I started having pressure waves on my estimated due date around 5:00pm. I convinced myself that it was probably just Braxton Hicks and my body getting ready for the real thing. It was around 10pm that evening when I knew I was definitely in the early stages of my birthing time. I tried to sleep some but I think the adrenaline and excitement won and I called my doula around 4:00am. I stayed at home until about 9:30am when the pressure waves were getting pretty close and then we made our way to the birth center. I came in at 7cms dilated and was happy that I had spent so much time at home. It is hard to put into words the journey and the experience of his actual birth. It was incredibly powerful. At times, I had to call upon a strength I didn’t know I had. Stephanie and Rebeca were amazing and gave me just what I needed when I needed it. Once I started pushing, he arrived within a few hours!

Videography by Two Little Monkeys Photography

What techniques did you use to help you through that time?

I used so many different techniques to help. My husband and I took a hypnobabies course and I used these techniques throughout my birthing time. He used cue words and read scripts so that I could focus on having the natural birth that we wanted. We played hypnobabies tracks to help with the different birthing stages, diffused essential oils in the room and used affirmation cards. My birth doula was also crucial and allowed my husband to be my greatest support but also stepped in when I needed her. I think I tried all of the positions at one point during my birthing time and really tried to listen to my body. Sitting on the birth ball in the shower felt amazing and I even fell asleep some.

What surprised you most about going to the birth center?

I knew that it would be different than getting care at an OB office or giving birth in the hospital but what I didn’t count on was the continued support I have received since having our baby. I can’t say enough about the staff at Baby+Company. The women are so great and I feel as though I have their support and encouragement even after Holden’s birth. I think it’s awesome that I can go visit anytime and see the room and the people that witnessed our birth and caught our baby. Not everyone can say that.

How are you enjoying motherhood so far? Has it all been as you expected?

Motherhood definitely has its challenges! Breastfeeding has been difficult but it gets better every week and I have had tremendous support from the ladies at Baby+Company. I don’t know what I would do without their continued support and encouragement. At a hospital or an OB office, I would be treated like a patient. At Baby+Company, I’m treated like family.

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