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Lauren. second time mom.

Forest's Water Birth Story

Baby+Company in Knoxville is thrilled to announce that one of our very first moms recently gave birth to an adorable baby boy at our new facility! Second-time mother Lauren had had a water birth with her older son, but the tub was small and the people weren’t as friendly as she’d hoped. She was desperate to have another water birth and wanted to find a team of midwives she could really connect with (and a more luxurious tub!). Significant other Jerome vowed to do everything in his power to get her what she needed to deliver their beautiful son, Forest. Here’s their story:

forests birth story lauren just born“We live in Johnson City and were surprised to find that there were no facilities offering water births anywhere near us. I made countless phone calls and visits to midwives, doulas, doctors…we switched providers four times before we found the Lisa Ross Birth and Women’s Center.

Although the midwives mentioned that the Lisa Ross Birth and Women’s Center was going to become Baby+Company, we really didn’t know what that meant. But when the change finally occurred, everything was totally different. It was a brand new facility – so fancy, beautiful, and really just state of the art. We couldn’t believe we were actually going to get to meet our son in this incredible space!

Unfortunately, Baby+Company wasn’t set up to take our insurance when they first opened. With just two months to go before the big day, the Baby+Company team reassured us that insurance worries should be the last thing on our minds at this special time. They worked with us to make sure that we received every possible amenity, regardless of our insurance situation. It was truly miraculous.

We really put the midwives through the mill, too. We had so many questions, and they knew everything from beginning to end. Because it took two hours to get to Knoxville (and another two hours to get home), we would often call the center to talk about our options. They were always there for us – even in the middle of the night!

forests birth story lauren new family tubI went into labor when my water broke at three in the morning. When we called, the midwife told us to relax and call if there were any changes, and we actually fell asleep! I woke up because the contractions stopped, and we called Baby+Company again. They told us to come on in so they could check me. Jerome kept his hand on my belly, and the warmth and comfort from his touch made an incredible difference in my pain level. With his hand there, I knew that he would be with me every step of the way and the contractions were noticeably easier. I had no idea that anyone could have eased my labor so significantly just by touching my stomach!

When we got to the birth center, they set us up in a gorgeous room – huge bed, comfy chairs, walk-in shower…it even had a heated toilet seat, which proved to be one of the best places to labor! As I entered the final stages of labor, I felt so grateful to have the soaking tub. Jerome even commented on how the water helped to ease the pain of contractions. Being on my hands and knees made it so much easier for me to move around so that the baby could get into position. Forest was born just an hour after I got into the tub, and I really think it was because the water was so wonderful.

Just before the final push, I kind of froze up and couldn’t flip over onto my back. Jerome wrapped his arms around me and helped me to turn over, and then he held me as our beautiful son made his way into the world.

forests birth story lauren mom and babyAfter Forest was born, we saw that there were all kinds of carts and medical equipment behind us in case anything went wrong. I don’t know where they hid it, but they had all of the equipment we would need in an emergency situation. Between the midwives and the nurse, I felt so safe. We trusted everything they did, and they inspired confidence in us.

Looking back on it now, the whole thing went so smoothly – the U.S. Marine Corps couldn’t have planned a more seamless operation! It was amazing. Literally everything was perfect. The best part was our relationship with the midwives. Instead of just doing things, they explained it all. We felt so in control of the situation and our baby and my body. Every one of the women there had that stable, strong, gentle presence and energy that I absolutely, fundamentally needed during labor and delivery.

Now that we’ve given birth at Baby+Company, I could never go anywhere else. It was a miracle that we found them. There is no better option out there. There’s no other place for us. I don’t even want to imagine doing it any other way. The company, the people…they were exactly what I wanted for this incredibly special day.”

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