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Renee. Fifth birth.

lochlans-birth-story-renee-newbornThe lives of Renee and her husband, Ryan, revolve around their four beautiful daughters, who range in age from two to ten. But the birth of their fourth daughter was less than ideal – Renee felt she didn’t have enough control over the labor and delivery process. When they discovered she was pregnant with their fifth child (a boy this time!), they wanted a better fit. Renee felt that a hospital made it too difficult to deliver in the way she felt her body was meant to, and she wanted to try a natural birth. She looked for a birth center with a full team of people who could support her in giving birth the way she wanted to, and found Baby+Company in Nashville! She shares the story of Lochlan’s birth:

Feeling Empowered Through Trauma: Lochlan's Birth Story

lochlans birth story renee contraction“I had been waking up with contractions during the night for a few weeks before my due date. It happened again on the night of August 15th (which was past my due date), and the contractions were inconsistent but intense. I was also spotting some, so when I woke up the next morning I called the midwife. She gave me some suggestions to help me get some rest.

I woke up in the afternoon with back pain, so I took a hot shower, which helped. At seven in the evening, my first “real” contractions began. They weren’t painful, but they were coming five minutes apart. After an hour, I called the birth center and they told us to come in. We arrived at 8:30, and I was six centimeters dilated. My photographer and videographer arrived, and I spent some time on the birthing ball and took a walk. At around 10:15, the contractions began to intensify, so the midwife, Heather, encouraged me to lay down on my left side on the bed.

lochlans birth story renee supportI wanted to get to the tub, where I was planning on laboring and delivering, but when I got up from the bed I had a very painful contraction and fell back onto the side of the bed. Suddenly, the contractions were coming fast and strong, one on top of the next. My husband applied pressure on my back while the midwives supported me verbally. It was difficult, and they kept reminding me that each contraction brought me one step closer to having my baby. I rolled onto my side to get a little rest, and they gave me some oxygen to help me breathe through the contractions.

lochlans birth story renee birthThings weren’t going well; my water still hadn’t broken and I was eight centimeters dilated. The decision was made to rupture the membranes, and the baby’s heartrate dropped. The midwives called Vanderbilt to set up an emergency transfer, but I said that I didn’t want to transfer – I just wanted everyone in the room to pray with me. My photographer, who is a dear friend of mine, began to pray aloud.

A sense of calm determination rolled over me, and I felt that the Lord was telling me not to fear; He was in control and I could do this. I decided that I was going to make it work. I pushed twice, consciously, and then my body just took over. When I felt his head come out, I knew that I had done it. The cord was wrapped around him, but there was still plenty to allow him to come out safely. The nurses gave him to me and he was just perfect.

lochlans birth story renee familyThe birth was so far from what I had planned, but despite the emergency situation I have no doubt that we were placed exactly where we were supposed to be, and with who we were supposed to be with. Everyone who was meant to be in that room was there, and I know that Loch and I experienced the least amount of trauma because of the midwives and the birth center. I feel incredibly at peace with our decision to have him at Baby+Company. They allowed my husband to stay in control of a situation that was less than ideal.

I would tell mothers out there to know that your birth story is already written. There are going to be times when things don’t go the way you want, but allow it to unfold as it’s intended. Don’t be disappointed or discouraged if everything doesn’t happen the way you want. Life is a beautiful thing, and a force to be reckoned with. It’s a gift, so lean into it.”

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