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Chelsea. first time mom.

Athena's Birth Story

First-time mother Chelsea Monroe knew she didn’t want a hospital birth, but she had some trouble getting her husband on board. Chelsea spoke to her sister, who had given birth at a home, and a friend who had had one home birth, one birth center birth, and one hospital birth, and she felt like a birth center was the right option for her.
chelsea-athenas-birthThey toured Baby+Company in Wheat Ridge as well as the local hospital, and Chelsea felt like Baby+Company was where she needed to be. Although her husband was still apprehensive, by the end of their birth experience he was ready to have the next baby at home! Chelsea says his conversion from overprotective to confident was due in big part to the experience they had at Baby+Company. She shares her story:

“I went to Baby+Company for all of my prenatal visits, so I developed a good rapport with the midwives. I was almost 39 weeks pregnant when I went into labor. I started having contractions but I was convinced they were Braxton-Hicks. I called the center and told the midwife that my contractions had been going on throughout the afternoon, but were very sporadic – sometimes fifteen minutes apart. She said to wait and see, so I ate dinner and tried to get some sleep. At one in the morning, I woke up during an intense contraction, and I was pretty sure my water broke. My husband was disbelieving at first, but we started timing the contractions. Within a couple of hours, I went into active labor so we headed to the birth center around five in the morning. A car ride when you’re in active labor is the worst!

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chelsea-athena-dadThings went really quickly. The midwives checked me and I was 5 cm dilated. They made sure I was comfortable, and I relaxed in the shower for a bit. The midwives were really receptive to my needs, and they just let me do my thing. I went between the shower and the tub for a while. I had some back issues throughout my pregnancy, so they gave me some helpful suggestions for positions to try that might help to relieve that, and they put heated bean bags on my back. For most of my labor, I was bent over on my knees, holding onto my husband or a pillow. It was relaxing – at least, as relaxing as active labor can be!

I felt like the baby was ready, so I asked if they would check my dilation again. They were surprised because I was a first-time mom, but she was already crowning! A few pushes later, Athena was born! I had wanted a water birth, but she came so quickly that there was no time to refill the tub.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than the one I had at Baby+Company. I had no idea what to expect as a first-time mother, but they prepared us for everything. My husband was reluctant to go to the classes, but afterward he said he was really glad he did; he used everything he learned there. They made sure we knew how to recognize labor contractions, when to get to the birth center, and what to do during labor. The personalized care made all the difference.

chelseaathena_2887-print-2If I were to give advice to expectant moms, I’d tell them to go with their instincts and do what makes them comfortable. If you have an idea for how you want your birth experience to be, follow it, even if other people disagree. All that matters is what you feel is best for you and the baby. I was glad that I didn’t listen to my husband, because if I had I wouldn’t have gone with Baby+Company. I would do it all over again. This way of care is pretty amazing. Women are so much more capable than they think they are. A lot of women I talk to are scared or worried, and I think the birth center gives you confidence in yourself and your body and your baby.”

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