“As a clinician and a researcher, I knew that birth centers were safe. As a mom and a midwife, I knew that birth centers gave women a meaningful choice.”

Dr. Cara Osborne, Founder of Baby+Company

our experience.

Take a peek at what it's like inside.

Birthing Room

  • swedish bars

    This sturdy structure supports you as you try different positions to open your pelvis and help the baby come down, or to find comfort.

  • large bed

    A queen sized bed help you find comfortable positions during labor and cuddle up with the whole family once the baby comes.

  • music + lighting

    Bring your own music and control the lighting to create a soothing environment that works for you.

  • pain management options

    TENS unit, birthing balls, and many other options are available to help you find more comfort during labor.

  • hydrotherapy / birth tub

    A deep soaking tub for labor or birth eases pain and relaxes tension.

  • walk-in shower

    Our large walk-in shower can be used for aqua therapy during or after labor.

  • essential oils

    Oils from plants, such as chamomile, clary sage, and rose may relax tension and ease pain. Also called, “aromatherapy.”

  • japanese toilet

    Toilet with a heated seat and built-in bidet are available in every birth suite.

  • room to move

    We want you to be comfortable. You can wear what you want; move as you want; eat what you want; and be with whomever you choose.

  • safety equipment

    It's not the focal point of the room, but we have plenty of gear for safety, including medications, oxygen, IVs, and emergency supplies

Great Room

  • kitchen

    Make a cup of tea or enjoy a meal in the communal kitchen.

  • gathering space

    We created a space to build community and connect with other families.

  • comforts of home

    A place where the whole family can settle in and be comfortable while they wait to greet your little one.

your 40+ weeks.

Every part of Baby+Company is carefully considered and created with real women in mind.

before pregnancy

before pregnancy
- weeks
get ready

before pregnancy…

Considering pregnancy? That’s a great time to come see us. A healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy woman. And we midwives are pretty intense about women’s health!

We’re trained to provide primary-care services for women so we can take care of your annual exams, pap smears and birth control. And with our deep knowledge of reproduction and pregnancy, we’re ready to help you with fertility information and decisions about genetic testing for you and your partner.

Our hour-long, pre-pregnancy visit takes a holistic approach to wellness. We’ll go over all the things that affect your physical and emotional health, like your eating, sleeping, fitness, and stress level. Then we’ll help you come up with a few simple things you can do to improve overall wellness for you…and your future baby.

1st trimester

1st trimester
first weeks

Your 1st trimester at Baby+Company…

So much is new and exciting during this time. We’ll get started building 3 things together… your healthy pregnancy…a strong relationship with you and your family…and a supportive group of expecting parents.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • 1st trimester check-up/check-in visit (30 minutes). We’ll get to know you and your health history.  You can bring anyone you’d like, including your kids.
  • Group visit (90 minutes).  Group visits are conversations with 8 to 12 expecting parents and a member of your care team. They’re a great way to learn about pregnancy, birth, and parenting while you to build supportive friendships with other families.  Your first visit focuses on making informed decisions about genetic testing for your baby.
  • Classes, workshops, and groups. Learn about birth, breastfeeding and newborn care, get some exercise, or just relax with a massage. We have a full schedule of weekly activities.
  • Your personal handbook. This handy guide helps you make the most of every visit with your care team.
  • Making insurance easy. We accept all major insurance. If we’re out-of-network with your plan, we’ll talk with your insurer and give you an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs for prenatal care and birth with us.

We’re doing everything we can think of to make your journey great.

2nd trimester

2nd trimester
13 weeks

your 2nd trimester at Baby+Company…

That weight you’ve gained will soon become a clear baby bump. Pregnancy starts to feel very real this trimester! We’ll be working with you to stay as healthy as possible as you get ready for birth and life with a newborn. Along with your usual check-ups, your care includes:

  • A personalized care visit (30 minutes) to map out a wellness plan just for you. You’ll set your own health goals and decide how to reach them. Maybe you’ll eat one more vegetable every day, or sign up for one of our exercise classes. We’ll create an online to-do list to keep you on track between visits.
  • A group visit (90 minutes) to look at the entire journey ahead of you. We’ll cover all the bases from your baby’s development to how you’ll share baby care at home. This discussion will help you feel prepared and confident about the future.

3rd trimester

3rd trimester
28 weeks

your 3rd trimester at Baby+Company…

You’re in the homestretch now! To prepare for the big day, we offer our own childbirth classes and refresher classes for experienced parents. Your prenatal care includes:

  • A group visit that’s packed with practical tips for coping with pregnancy discomforts…picking a pediatrician…care of newborns and their moms…introducing your baby to siblings…and more.
  • Two personalized care planning visits that focus on staying healthy and making a birth plan. We’ll help you consider the pros and cons of all your birth options – at our center and at the hospital – so you can choose what’s right for you.

At our center, you’ll be in a homey birth suite with watchful guidance from your midwife who stays with you the whole time. If there’s a need for more care, we’ve already teamed up with a nearby hospital for quick and seamless transfers. If you prefer, you can have your prenatal care with us and plan a hospital birth.

We’re here to help you have the birth you want.


40 weeks
welcome your baby

birth at a Baby+Company birth center...

When you arrive in labor, your care team will be waiting and you’ll feel the benefits of all your preparation for this moment.

The constant support of your midwife will keep you calm as labor unfolds. You’ll have a choice of methods to soothe pain…deep soaking tubs for labor and water birth…TENS units…birth balls and stools…pilates bars…sterile water papules…extra-large showers…essential oils…massage…and moving as you wish.These are methods that work.

You can have as many family and friends in your suite as you wish – or let them relax in our comfortable waiting room. Our kitchen is available for everyone to use, too.

If you want an epidural for pain, or if your condition changes, we’re prepared to move you quickly to the hospital nearby. In some centers, our midwives will be able to support you through birth at the hospital, too.

Your birth. Your terms. We really do mean it.


+ weeks

home with your newborn with support from Baby+Company…

There’s a lot to celebrate, but we know a little baby brings big changes, too. That’s why we continue to support your whole family after birth…

  • On day 1, we’ll check in with a video call.
  • On day 2, we’ll pay you a home visit if you live within our visiting area. We’ll examine you and your baby and check to see how your family is doing with all the change.
  • By day 7, you’ll take your baby to meet your pediatrician. And we’ll make sure all the health records get there before you do.
  • About 6 weeks after birth, we’ll see you in our office for your check-up. (We hate goodbyes, so we really hope you’ll continue your well-woman care with us!)
  • Anytime after birth, we welcome you to stay connected with the community of parents gathering for our classes, workshops and groups. Join a New Moms Group. Come do yoga with your baby, and much more – all here for you at Baby+Company.
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