Thinking about hiring a doula for your big day? If so, get going, girl! The sooner you start interviewing doulas, the more time you’ll have to create a close, trusting bond. In honor of World Doula Week, we’re spreading the word about these incredible individuals and offering you some advice for finding your very own doula soulmate. Your doula is there to provide emotional support, so you’ll want to make sure she has that special something. Don’t just hire the first person you meet; ask lots of questions, and pay attention to both the answers and the… Read More

To end our Ask a Doula series, we have some more lighthearted questions - Doulas have a sense of humor too! It has been great getting to know these women better this week. If you missed any of the other posts in this series, catch them here: part one, part two, part three. Read More

Doulas have so many great stories to tell and so much advice to give. Their wisdom cannot be contained to just one blog post. So here we are again with part three of our Ask a Doula series! Make sure you catch part one and part two if you missed them earlier this week! Read More

Here is more from our series celebrating the doulas in our community!  Happy World Doula week! Did you miss part one? Check it out here! Read More

This week we celebrate World Doula Week! Please join us on a blog series where we asked as many doulas in the Nashville area some questions; some serious and some fun. Today, we start with our first two questions. All week long you’ll get real answers from lots of different doulas about birth and doula’ing. Enjoy learning more about these strong women who are empowering Nashville women in their births! Read More

Of Greek origin, the word “doula” has come to refer to a woman that provides emotional, physical, practical, and educational support for laboring and postpartum women. The doula has taken a place alongside female friends and extended family that traditionally assist expecting and new moms during birthing and parenting. Read More

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