it’s fall and during this time of year many families start to feel more stress. you might have children who need lunches packed and to be driven to school or extra-curricular activities, or you may be feeling the pressure of looming deadlines at work. it seems that once fall hits, then we quickly move into the holiday season – and we all know the stress that can bring! we have found that the best way to lower stress levels is as simple as a walk outside. after all, when we go outside we don’t have the distractions of traffic, phones,… Read More

mindfulness can be the calming antidote to the many distractions of modern life, and may even have benefits for fertility and pregnancy. there’s not only an app for that, but literally hundreds of mindfulness apps. the good news is many of them are well rated by users, so there are lots of solid choices. but being confronted with so many choices might make you feel the opposite of serene. it will help to go into it knowing what kinds of features you want. so read about these eight different types of mindfulness apps, download one to try out, and set… Read More

You may have heard of mindfulness but what is it, really? Let’s take some time to learn about what it is (and what it isn’t) and how it can help you to navigate the stresses and challenges, and deepen the joys in your daily life.  What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of being present to whatever is before us in this moment. This may sound simple but it is not easy! It takes practice and lots of it! Our minds are constantly moving from thought to thought, evaluating, analyzing, judging, thinking about the past or the future. We… Read More

Being a mom means being constantly busy. While being busy is not necessarily a bad thing, it can mean that mom misses out on some very important “me” time. Everyday activities like picking up baby, cleaning and doing laundry, and getting in and out of the car can take a toll on the body, especially when the accompanying movements are done incorrectly. Here are 4 exercises that you can do at home- or anywhere for that matter- that will help you get moving and change the way you do your everyday exercises. Squats Squats are the kind of… Read More

I was at high risk for postpartum depression, so when my son was about six weeks old, I expressed my relief that I hadn’t felt anything beyond your basic baby blues. My older sister, who is a medical doctor, pulled me aside and told me I shouldn’t celebrate just yet. Despite the moniker, she informed me, new moms may not see symptoms of postpartum depression until up to six months after they give birth. Six months! Like many mothers, I assumed that I was in the clear after those first several weeks. But postpartum depression may not surface until months… Read More

No matter what you celebrate, the holiday season can be a busy time, filled with social events, family, friends…and stress. High expectations (intended or not), cold and flu season, family dynamics, and financial stressors can all take their toll. Add all of those things to your regular daily routine of work and/or child-rearing, and you might be feeling more like Scrooge instead of your normal self! While it’s not possible to prevent all stress – and a little stress is actually good for you – here are three things to remember that can help you manage stress during… Read More

There’s no doubt about it: being a mom is hard, hard work – which is why it’s so important that you take care of yourself, as well. You need to make sure your cup is full, before giving or sharing with others – including your kids and/or partner. The fourth trimester, or the first 12 weeks postpartum, can be overwhelming. You’re coping with sleep deprivation, the explosion of your typical routine, (possibly) colic, healing physically from birth, dealing with what feels like near-constant feeds, and adjusting to your new role as a mother. And somewhere in all of… Read More

There is nothing quite like the exhaustion of a new parent. I have known exhaustion; 50+ hour workweeks, or graduate school and work, for example. But that pales in comparison to the exhaustion and sleep deprivation of parenthood. It is a constant, continuous lack of uninterrupted sleep. It is a tentative, waiting-to-wake kind of sleep, when you finally manage to get some. My son is almost 4 months old, and there are times when I wake up to his cries for the second time that night, and panic at first, because I can’t remember if I put him back in… Read More

Pregnancy brings endless changes – new symptoms and feelings crop up, physical side effects abound, and it can be overwhelming, both physically and mentally. Even though you might be busy with work, preparing for baby, running errands, and dealing with everyday life, it’s important to take time for yourself to make sure you’re healthy for you and your baby. Here are some ways to practice self-care during this time. Rest Pregnancy can be exhausting – after all, you’re growing a person. Your body is working overtime, which means fatigue is a common byproduct. Take time each day to… Read More

Expecting and Stressed Out? Relax - Relief is on its Way! In our culture, the news media often focuses on negative reports which can be anxiety producing for readers and viewers. This is especially true for expecting and new moms who, by nature, feel particularly vulnerable as they try to provide a safe environment for their developing babies or newborns. You’ve seen the headlines: "BPA in Bottles May Cause Learning Disabilities in Babies," "Pregnant Women in Second Trimester at Higher Risk for Car Accidents," "We’re All Going to Get Cancer From Pesticides." How can anyone feel safe, secure, and relaxed with these kinds of messages swirling around our minds? Read More

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