we couldn’t think of a better time to celebrate the incredible women who help deliver happy, healthy babies in our centers each and every day!

to our midwives:

you are the heart and soul of baby+co.

your knowledge, passion, skills, and selflessness have helped over 1,500 adorable little souls come into this world!

you treat each of the women who come through our doors like sisters, and many times sacrifice your own comfort to ensure they get the care and attention they deserve.

for that, we thank you — and our clients do too!

we heart you!

the baby+co. family

below are just a few of the hundreds of stories we received from clients who wanted to celebrate our midwives — not just this week, but always!


midwife week


“i have a very vivid memory of being at the end of my rope pushing; i started to lose my focus. ‘it hurts,’ i moaned, my breathing quickening. my midwife looked me in the eyes and said, ‘i know. don’t let it scare you; you can do this. you’re about to meet your baby.’ one or two more pushes and i had my amazing little girl in my arms. my amazing midwife’s calm reassurance was exactly what i needed, and i will never forget that moment.


“three weeks before i was due i went into prodromal labor. i went into the birth center with horrible, horrible pain. i was dilated to a 4 and having pretty consistent contractions. after about an hour at the birth center, though, my contractions stopped. i felt dumb for not knowing i wasn’t in real labor. depressed and still in pain, i was lying on the bed. my midwife lay next to me and comforted me. her kindness and love was exactly what i needed. i was so glad she was there three weeks later when baby actually came!”


“i mean, there was that time my midwife was planking over the tub while catching my baby!”


“as I was pushing in the tub, I started to panic and spin out of control. my midwife calmly came behind me, put my head in her hands, and started to whisper in my ear that i was ok, i was doing great, and i was going to calm down and deliver my baby. i remember an incredible calm rush over me like i’ve never felt before. my partner still talks about it in amazement. i’m not sure what i would have done if she wasn’t there.”


“my husband and i were just stopping by winston-salem to visit family before we moved to tampa bay, as i was currently pregnant and had not had any prenatal care yet. i decided to get prenatal care before the move so i chose baby+co. as i loved the all-natural, can-do attitude they had. when i was around 20 weeks they had to run additional labs, and i happened to check my results online at 3am. one result was listed as positive and in bold which immediately made me nervous. i called the on-call midwife at 3am, who assured me everything was fine. we decided not to move to florida and have chosen to make winston-salem our home, all thanks to baby+co.” 


“i’ll never forget being in the middle of transition and looking up to see my midwife in the corner with her hand on her barely-there-bump. it was a special moment to have two first time mommas- one at the end, and one at the beginning of the journey through pregnancy and childbirth. i was happy i got that experience with her.”


“i was trying to ride each contraction and relax as much as possible during the small breaks in between. during one break, my mind drifted to my daughter’s labor and how i pushed for 2 hours. with how intense things were and thinking there was possibly at least another two hours to go, the words ‘i can’t’ came to my lips. immediately my midwife was in my ear with beautiful words of strength and encouragement that gave me the support i needed to continue. hunter arrived within half an hour.”


“in between contractions i kept saying, ‘i need lute…i can’t do this without him… where is he…’, and my midwife finally said (and i will never forget this), ‘it’s okay, she’s going to come into the world surrounded by a circle of powerful women.’ and with that i felt the urge to push and it was a big push. at 4:02pm, a third and final push brought our daughter earthside.”


“i had a couple of meltdowns when we got to the center because, in my words, ‘i’m afraid of it hurting!’ ha! my midwife took my hands and knelt down in front of me and said, ‘it’s hard now, and it’s going to be harder later, but you can do this.’ labor was hard, but i did do it! in the morning, after my baby was born she came to say goodbye. she said, ‘i want you to remember always how strong you are. you never need to doubt yourself, because you can do anything.’ that’s an empowering memory i think back to often.”