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Jennifer Johnson. CNM.

Jennifer Johnson, MS, CNM, APRN, is one of our CNM Fellows. She was inspired to become a midwife from hearing her own (harrowing!) birth story told by her mother growing up as a child, and felt she wanted to become the gentle, empowering provider she wishes her mom had. Jen has always been passionate about women’s health and reproductive justice, and spent years volunteering at various clinics and hospitals in every city she has lived in to support and empower women and families.

She has her Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan in Psychology and Women’s Health & Gender Studies, and she attended Columbia University in New York City for her degrees in nursing and midwifery. In midwifery school, Jen trained in hospitals across all boroughs, and afterwards, she worked with several home-birth and home-fertility practices in the city. Attending her first out-of-hospital birth was life-changing for her! Working in a birth center guided by this kind of midwifery-led model of maternity care has always been a dream hers, and she is so happy to be a part of our clients’ experience during their pregnancy, labor, and birth.

In her spare time, Jen loves hiking, crafting, reading, and traveling. New to Nashville, she can’t wait to explore the southern culinary scene here as well!

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