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Suzy Mohr. Assistant Center Manager.

Suzy loves working at a birth center and seeing all the mamas and babies who come through and out the doors. It was a long and unusual trip that brought her to Knoxville, and then to working at the birth center. Suzy fled New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina at her heels in 2005, with her three young sons in tow. Her parents had moved to the Farragut area a few years before, so she headed to Tennessee. She was a stay-at-home mother for 14 years before she went back to school to earn her degree and then participated in an externship program. It was that externship program that brought her to Lisa Ross Birth & Women’s Center in 2013, where she was soon hired on. She is now one of the smiling faces that many patients will see when they walk through the doors of baby+co. Outside of work, she can be found hanging out with her four sons (she had one more after moving to Tennessee) who are now almost all teenagers, and listening to country music.

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