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Gina Brace. RN.

After working for many years in a traditional hospital setting, Gina had a strong desire to work in a holistic women’s birth center. Soon after an interview with a local center, Gina discovered she was pregnant with her third child! The timing finally worked out with an opportunity at Lisa Ross Birth and Women’s Center and she was hired in 2011. Gina has had a passion for babies and their development since she was child and pestered her parents incessantly with questions. The daughter of a nurse and medical researcher, her mother and father patiently answered all of Gina’s questions about pregnancy and birth, although her curiosity continued into college. Gina graduated the top of her class from The University of Tennessee, School of Nursing (2001) and worked for a number of years in the intensive care unit (ICU), emergency room, and cardiac cath lab. She is also a state licensed emergency medical technician (EMT). This technical experience provides Gina with an incredible skill set that has carried well into labor and delivery. As a mother of three all of Gina’s pregnancies and deliveries were attended to by midwives and her final birth was in a home setting. Gina is passionate about natural birthing and women’s health. Gina loves the excitement of the birth center and pure joy inherent to the birthing process as well as the intimacy of supporting a family as it is created and grows. “Birth is the beginning of something that’s forever. I feel very privileged to be involved that intimate moment,” she said. Outside of work, Gina loves the outdoors, dancing, browsing local shops and farmers markets, and spending time with her family. She lives with her husband David and three children in the historic Island Home Neighborhood in Knoxville.

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