Breastfeeding starts off as an intimate dance between you and your baby, but pretty soon most moms are feeling ready to re-enter society. Or you’re not feeling quite ready but you realize you need some support. Either way, one of the best ways to ease out of your babymoon is to find some other nursing moms to hang out with so you can nurse your baby with other women. Read More

Baby+Company and WakeMed have been delivering maternity care together since the birth center opened in 2015. This spring, we began deepening our collaboration, exploring ways to better meet the needs of diverse families in a rapidly changing healthcare system. Dr. AJ Koehler from WakeMed Physician Practices (WPP) assumed the role of Medical Director, and WPP now collaborates to provide full-spectrum maternity care to Baby+Company families. Read More

Prior to my pregnancy, I was a bit of an exercise nut. Before you start to hate me, let me reassure you that I do not, for the most part, enjoy exercise. I will not be telling you about how incredible you’ll feel when you can bust out fifty push-ups, or the elusive endorphin rush you’ll get from running ten miles. (I’m pretty sure that’s a myth propagated by Nike, anyway.) Read More

I have a love/hate relationship with coffee. Usually, the cycle goes something like this: Day 1: I will have one cup of coffee today. God, coffee is delicious. Day 3: I could have a cup and a half. If I just top off this cup, it’s basically like one “bottomless” cup, right? Day 5: I will have one bottomless cup! As long as I refill it before I reach the bottom, it only counts as one cup. Day 6: My head is killing me. It must be the caffeine. I better get out the giant mug. Day 14: I’ve had… Read More

I was utterly terrified of having a miscarriage during my first pregnancy. I was also pretty uninformed. The only statistic I could focus on was that 10-20% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage. I cut out all caffeine, even abstaining from chocolate and green tea. I stopped exercising, except for a few short walks once in a while. I literally worried myself sick over it (although that could have been morning sickness, too). All’s well that ends well, though, and everything was fine. But it still seems like every other woman I meet has a story about how she… Read More

Have you ever heard of the marshmallow test? Researchers told kids they could have one marshmallow now, or two marshmallows later. It’s supposed to have big implications for later in life; the kids who practiced delayed gratification had lower divorce rates, higher SAT scores, lower rates of addiction, and so forth. Well, I’m a “one marshmallow now” kind of girl, at least when it comes to taking pregnancy tests. Wait until tomorrow morning so I can test with the first urine of the day? Nah, let’s do this now! And maybe again in a few hours! Luckily,… Read More

First, let’s talk about how not to get pregnant, because you need to have a basic understanding of fertility. My husband and I have always used Natural Family Planning (also known as the rhythm method) because birth control pills make me ill. Although the rhythm method has been gaining popularity, it’s definitely not the right choice for everyone; the Department of Health and Human Services advises that up to 25% of women can become pregnant using this method alone. Read More

I’ve been amazed at how different my second pregnancy is from my first pregnancy. It’s not just the actual symptoms that change; I’m also emotional about things that I never would have considered the first time around. So, whether you’re already pregnant with your second (or third or fourth, etc.) or you’re thinking about expanding your family, here are five things that might change for you during your later pregnancies. Read More

Two words have the power to invoke dread in every parent: potty training. June is National Potty Training Awareness Month (yes, really), so what better time than the present to talk about it? If your little one is around two or three years old, you’ve probably been wondering when to start potty training, or at least started thinking about it in general. Read More

A diner. My friend’s house. Toys ‘R’ Us. What do these places have in common? They have the dubious distinction of all containing bathrooms in which I have thrown up at some point this week. Morning sickness is the worst. Okay, hyperemesis gravidarum (more commonly known as “what Duchess Kate had”) is actually the worst. But morning sickness is also terrible, not the least because its name is such a lie. Read More

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